Doctor Wordpresds Is In The house

If your WordPress site fell victim
to a malicious attack or a nasty virus,
we are here to help.

Oh no! - The unthinkable has happened

There! It happened. One morning you wake up, check your website, and in complete horror you realise that Dr Dr46on514y3r found a way into your website and instead of your products and services, every page now proudly exclaims: "Dr46on514y3r Was Here" - Certainly not the message you want to spread.

Fear not, ELMIMAs rescue crew is here to help

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Dr. WordPress, please report to triage, Dr. WordPress, please...

We will ensure that visitors see a temporary maintenance page while we remove the malicious code. Next we will move your site into one of the comfortable beds in our WordPress hospital where one of our Wordpress doctors analysis the damage and cures your site. Once the site recovered and regained it's full health, we move it back to your online host and activate it so it can continue to work for you. We also provide a backup file that you may use to recover a broken site in future.

Did you know?

ELMIMA's WordPress Care Solutions offer regular backups that make restoring your site easy and quick.
In addition a discount of up to 80% for malware removal may be applied in case you need it.