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Your website is an asset, and you should treat it like one. The environment it runs in needs to be up to date and secure and the same goes for WordPress and its plugins. Last but not least your content also needs to be accurate and up to date. Don't risk to turn an asset into a liability

System Updates

To ensure your site always performs best, it is important to ensure your system is always up to date. Our care plans will take care of everything and - depending on the plan - update your core system and the plugins monthly or semimonthly.

Maleware Removal

Our care plans try to protect your website as good as possible at all times. Unfortunately there is no 100% guarantee and it might happen that your site gets compromised. With our care plans, we can restore your site in no time.

Premium Wordpress Hosting

As a WordPress studio, we have a good idea about important features for WordPress hosting. Our premium hosting will adjust to your needs and ensure that your site is always available and running smooth.

Content Updates

Our two high end care plans also include time to update content on your website. This way you can reset assured that the content of your site is always up to date and fresh.

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